Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy Monday y'all!
Today I am so excited to be linking up with E and Heather  to confess some of my most recent epic fails challenging moments. Be sure to check out their lists too! :)
#Iconfess, I did not get a lottery ticket last week. I kinda feel like I'm the only person in America who didn't. Even though the powerball jackpot was super high.

Last month, Keith and I went out for my birthday to a swanky little restaurant in downtown Charleston called Michael's on the Alley. And a couple of awkward moments happen to us that night: 
  1.  This little candle was pretty much our only light #awkward or romantic...depending on how you look at it I suppose. 
  2. Overall, it was a pretty good experience.  HOWEVER, it took forever and 10 days to get our food! Really it took about an hour. Not even kidding. We watched as everyone around us got their yummy looking food. And I'm sure they saw us looking #awkward.
  3. Keith had ordered a filet and I ordered a NY strip. So when the waiter finally brought it out we were ready to eat with out even really looking at it. (After all, it was almost pitch black inside)  We both looked down at our food and started giving it some major side eye. I looked down and thought, hmm.. I know its super dark in here but this totally does not look like a New York strip. Then I look over at Keith who is already cutting in to his steak and giving it the same expression I was giving mine. We called the waiter over, who swore up and down and around the world that these were in fact our steaks and all we needed to do was try them. Meanwhile, the couple at the next table over is giving us some major 'what the what' looks haha. Our poor waiter came back 5 seconds later, red as a beet saying this in fact was not our food, it was instead the couple's next to us.  Actually, mine was not even a steak but rather a sword fish filet. #awkward.Despite the fact that Keith had already cut into his we had to give it up to the couple next to us, the ones who were shooting daggers at us with their eyes. #Iconfess I wasn't sure how to feel at that point but I did feel really bad about the poor waiter and the fact that I didn't even realize I was about to eat a completly different food group
#Iconfess he struggle is real in the mornings for me. Some mornings are better than others. The other day I was running super late to class so I decided to make breakfast on the go. In a cup.

#Iconfess I can not get this sweet boy to take a good picture with me! This picture is post birthday celebration. Almost every picture I take with Cubby looks just like this. He sits still until we pull out the camera then he takes off. sigh He's so photogenic. :) 

Tomorrow I will be sharing the story of how Keith and I met. Here's a little hint, it had something to do with super hot, super sticky July day at Freshman orientation.
 Stay tuned :)
I hope y'all have a good week!

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  1. Thanks for linking up today! I LOVE the story about the food mix-up at the restaurant... Totally not your fault, but how awkward to have to switch plates with the strangers next to you! :)

  2. Ahhh... so awkward at the restaurant! I'm cracking up that y'all were trying so hard to be nice and thought that maybe your fish really was steak if the waiter was so sure about it. haha... I hope they comped your bill a little bit?! So sweet of your boy to take you to a nice place for your birthday! Gotta love awkward nights like that that make for good stories. In fact it's reminding me of one of our own that I just might have to share next month. ;)