Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Daze

This past week was one for the books. And I say the books because it will probably be in the books one day. Sunday night was spent doing one of my FAVORITE things other than sleeping, I watching these two get hitched!
Ah I really love weddings. I was so engulfed with it I forgot to take pictures. But I found this one online. Love them! And yes, I chose to watch this over the grammy's (gasp) even though it was kinda awkward with them showing a live shoot of the honeymoon suite AND the gifts they got for each other...oh and it gets worse...if you missed it, he got her lingerie and she got him boudoir photos (google those if you dont belief me on the awkwardness) it was so beautiful and awkward but mostly beautiful

Despite my sappy Sunday, Monday started as just as any other normal week: you know, me dreading how much I did not want to go back to school; I also started my first round of exams this week so I was definitely hating life. But that's normal for a Monday. 
I should have known something was up because the week started like this.

The weather people usually don't hesitate to call for snow. And since this is South Carolina, every time someone says the 'S' word, the entire state shuts down for a few days. Well except for my school, they wait until the morning of to cancel. Grr. But alas! It did actually snow and it was glorious!

When it rained, it kinda like poured. So exciting!
I was too much of a chicken to go outside. I mean even the water froze. But this is my car, Penny, freezing out in the snow.
This like never ever happens so it was pretty magical. :) Unfortunately I couldnt go out to play in the snow because I had an exam the next day. That was canceled the night before. (See, my school literally waits for everything geez). 

In other news, the super bowl is this Sunday and although I am not going for any which team, I do love super bowl parties so that's what we plan on doing. There is nothing like a good old fashion Southern super bowl party ;) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hey y'all, Welcome to my new blog!
A few fun facts about me
1. My name is Danielle but everyone but my mother calls me Dani (she always says if she wanted to name me Dani she would have named me that and not Danielle. Ha!)
2. I recently started pharmacy school (hence the name)
3. I love to write. Love Love Love! but since I am in pharmacy school now, no one really cares whether or not you can recite the words to your favorite poem (Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both) or that your favorite book is The Help or that you cringe every time some one uses horrible grammar.
4. I have a fur baby named Cubby and  boyfriend named Keith
My two guys
5. I was born and raised in South Carolina so I will probably be using the word 'y'all' a lot but I HATE words like 'reckon' and 'fixin' to' yuck!
6. I plan to change the world one day in a big way so get ready :)
This blog is not meant for everyone in the entire world to read but rather as a way to document my journey and to reach out to my family near and far.