Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Rotation: Agape Pharmacy

To become a licensed pharmacist, we have to get a certain number of intern hours while we are in school. Each semester, my school has us go on rotation at various pharmacies and the rotations usually last about 6 weeks before we move on to the next one. For the past 6 weeks, I have been interning at Agape Pharmacy in Downtown Columbia, SC.

 I love it because it's like 3 pharmacies in one. 

Upstairs is considered the 'billing' department. 

Downstairs is considered the mail order pharmacy. It was like a little factory! In the middle the pharmacy technicians counted the medications, then on the outskirts, there were various pharmacists who were checking the orders for drug interactions, efficacy etc.

On the other side of that counter is the retail pharmacy which is just like your typical Rite Aid or CVS. I couldn't take pictures of the front because there was always a customer there. I loved this particular rotation because it was different and so unique. There were about 10 pharmacists in the building at any given time which is huge considering there are no more than 2 in a typical retail pharmacy. There was always something going and which kept everyone on their toes for sure :)

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