Thursday, September 29, 2016

Engagement Pictures

We are hitched!!
Keith and I have officially tied the knot as of September 17th! ...which hopefully explains my long absence from the blogging world ha! Our day was absolutely perfect in every single way.
Since I've been gone for so long, I suppose I'll start at the beginning. 
Back at the start of the summer, Keith and I took our Engagement pics! Since we met at Clemson University, we knew early on that we wanted to take our pictures there. HOWEVER, we had to wait until school was out since there are only 17000+ students who attend.
 No Biggie. 
We also have been getting SO MUCH RAIN, so each time we'd schedule, we had to reschedule which was super frustrating. Thankfully, our photographer was great about the whole thing and was so laid if all of his clients wanted to schedule their portraits at the same time as a torrential down pour.
Our photographer was Trevor Mercer and to say he was awesome is an understatement. Trevor pulled up in the most modest car and immediately felt at ease. He thought going up to Clemson was a great idea from the beginning. He never questioned the distance and although our shoot was LONG, he said several times, if there was a place we even thought we'd get a good shot, that we could head that way........despite the heat.  
I've mentioned it before, but its definitely worth mentioning again that Keith is no picture taker--he actually hates taking them ha! But somehow, Trevor made Keith feel so at ease about the entire thing that they were both laughing by the end of it. Love!
 I have been DYING to share these!! There were a bunch of pics but here are a few of my favs: 
My favorite guy in this whole entire world! 

We also decided to bring Cubby along for the trip. A 4 year old lab + 90 degree heat + lots of excitement= one interesting scenario for our sweet little pup. Ha! My mom was so sweet to offer to keep Cub company as we took a million pictures. I am so thankful for that! 

Such a proud pup he was. Cubby was cracking us up the entire time. We heart this pup! 
On this same bench, waaay back in 2008, it all started with a "Hi" 

I can't wait to hold on to this hand for the next 197 years! 

As we were taking pictures, my mom and Cubby were busy making friends. As we were walking back up from Death Valley (yes, Trevor even took pics there too!), the sweetest couple was busy speaking to my mom and Cubby. Their daughter is also planning a wedding this fall. They were more than happy to let Keith and I hop on their golf cart and snap some pics! 
Complete strangers.  

So so nice of them!

Note: All photo cred goes to Trevor Mercer Photography

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