Thursday, February 12, 2015

La Clinica Gratis

My school is big on service and each year we have an allotted amount of community service hours we have to get. Last week a few of my classmates and I went to volunteer at a free clinic near our school called La Clinica Gratis. Before starting pharmacy school, I had never been to a free clinic before. This one is unique because it is for both Spanish speaking and English speaking patients. The professor who we were shadowing spoke both Spanish and English and I was so grateful.

That door led into the counseling area where each patient would come in and sit down and we'd get to tell them about their medications. This was my favorite part. I love being able to practice what I'm learning in school and the patients are so nice. Many of them have been coming to the free clinic for a long time and know their medications backwards and forwards but they still let us counsel them. :) Also, having my professor their, who is already a pharmacist took some of the pressure off knowing that she'd correct us if we were unsure about something. 

The waiting area

It even had a little children's corner :)

 Behind the counseling area was an actual office set and ready for medical exams. 

I love being able to volunteer and give back but especially going to places such as La Clinica Gratis.

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