Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Daze Part II

 OMG I do not care if I ever see anymore snow. It has been snowing since Tuesday and we are so done around here. Now thanks to the snow I have a very busy week ahead of of with 4 exams 3 quizzes and a whole lot of patience! grr. So needless to say we have been suffering from a whole lot of cabin fever. This was Tuesday. I thought this was the worst of it and of course I was not going outside because yes, I am a chicken ;)

This was Wednesday. Somewhere in there I'd decided I'd had enough! I was not going to let some dumb snow keep me held hostage in my own house. I was going to show it who was boss!

Then this happened...

And this...I wasn't going anywhere *sigh

So I just did a whole lotta this. I love the Olympics! Its so special to see how everyone from other countries do things. Love Love!

And this.....Cubby really does not understand that he is actually NOT a human and that he weighs over 70 lbs and I just dont have the heart to tell him. yep I am one of those people ;)

And this.....This guy gets me through every exam. Its usually a huge cup of coffee (which I cannot live without) but I also love chocolate. Coffee and chocolate you really can't go wrong :)

Last but not least it's Valentines day! yay! My mom was my very first valentine, and she made sure to make it super special for me growing up. I love her to death
For Keith and me, this is our 5th vday together. Gosh I love that guy for everything he is and especially for everything he isn't.
Thanks for reading! I love you all.
P.S. I am still trying to figure out how to get the google friend connect thingy working until then you guys can't subscribe or follow along :( but keep reading I'll figure it out someday :)

xoxo Dani