Friday, March 28, 2014

Life Lately

This week looked ALOT like this...
Have I mentioned how much I love coca cola?! I use studying as an excuse to drink as many as I can and not feel guilty hehe ;). And my monogrammed camelbac is also an ultmate fave of mine. Love love love! But pharmacy school kinda has a way of hogging all of the attention from everything. sigh. The fun sucker did manage to ease up a little though. This past week I was able to make ointments! So. Much. Fun. The only thing I didnt make was the actual tube but I did have to vacuum seal it at the end. Now my little patient is all ready to go :)

As a pharmacy student/intern, we have complete x amount of intern hours. Luckily my school helps us set these up AND they are during the school year which is kinda bummy BUT it will hopefully free up our summers. This is what mine looks like....
Just kidding ;) This is more like it. The pharmacist I work for is well known around the town. I havent met a person who was a stranger to him yet and I've seen a lot of people come in and out.
This is a summary of my entire week. And it will likely sum up next week too. Yes my living room is a hot mess. Yes, its about 3 pm. And yes, I am in pajama pants. Dont judge me. 

Just Keepin it real y'all ;)
Thanks for reading :) I hope you guys had a good week!
Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend wrap up

This past weekend, the pharmacy school put on a health fair and it was so much fun! Most of my classmates were there are various tables and there were a lot people from the community there too.
Here are a few things we did

That time I was at the Operation Diabetes table, checking someone's blood glucose levels and they decided to bleed all over the place...yep that was this day. That was freaking me out a little scary but  talk about an experience. So much fun!

Action Shot numero uno ;)
Action shot dos ;) See. You're never too old. This was too much fun!
It wasnt all work. We also rode trains ;) Yes, these are all adults but we are kiddos at heart. Love my classmates!
Evan and little miss Khloe. Love this precious little nugget and her sweet mama!
Love my sweet friends
After the health fair, Evan let my friend Randi and me keep the baby and one of the first things we asked was "what kinds of snacks to you think she'll want? " bahaha  We're amateurs we know. Look at that adorable face!  (Photo cred: Randi)
See, she gets me and she clearly knows whats important. Afternoon naps are the best, I agree with you Khloe.  Soon after we got back this is what she did. and it pretty much sums up our afternoon. Seriously this is the best baby ever!
Yep, Randi and I were kinda obsessed with this one. She is so sweet!

Today, I am also linking up with Erika and Andrea to list one of my favorite things: nail polish. love!. (sidenote: speaking of adorable babies these two have some of the cutest littles!!). I love painting my nails and love a good polish. But being in grad school you have to be cheap set your priorities even if that means starving eating ramen noodles every night {Ew} Luckily having a fresh mani isnt something I had to give up. These polishes by Sally Hansen are some of the best!

This is the color I am currently wearing. I love it because it is light and airy and perfect for spring. and the best part is that its under $10! yay!

 What are some of your favorite things? I am always looking for less expensive things to give my day/wardrobe a little bit of a splash
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Thanks for reading y'all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Layout + Update

Hello Friends!
Things have been super busy around here so this post is going to be short, quick and random ;) First things first you may notice the blog has gotten a little mini-upgrade :) I have amazed myself once again in figuring out just how horrible I am when it comes to this computer stuff! Geez who knew it could be so complicated. But finally I can reveal the new layout plus a few little extras. On the side, you'll notice I have added a link that y'all can use to follow me on blog lovin'. Just click. You can also still subscribe by email. :)
K. Now onto some randomness...

Great News. We haven't seen snow in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it stays far far away. (I'm talking Alaska). After the snow finally cleared up my mom and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Outback yummy. There was a balloon maker guy there (have no idea what they are called; balloon magicians??) for old times sake I asked him to make me a balloon tiger who I named Tiny :) And of course he was an orange Tiger (Go Clemson!)
That night Keith and I went to Ruth Chris'. If you haven't been there, go. Like tomorrow. Seriously. Outback is yummy but this place is double yummy. Great food and these little blue boxes from my love seriously make me so happy. Swoon 

This past week we had spring break {yay!} and I had my first ear infection in like a million years {boo!} . Ok maybe tha'ts a slight exaggeration but not by much. I used to get them ALOT when I was younger but they got better then BAM as I was minding my business, my ear decides hearing is over rated and it wanted to get infected :(
So to make myself feel better, I decided to look at puppies on pinterest :). I think Cubby needs a playmate and you can never really have too much cuteness in your life. This is me trying to prove my point to Keith. And although he tried to be tough about it and didn't seem to be buying it, I know he'll come around. Cubby and I just need to work on him a little ;)

One of the best parts of being in pharmacy school is making things (one of the worse things is having to calculate, tirate, boil, pay attention bleh). So far, I have been able to make suppositories, chap stick, cough syrup etc all from scratch. But those are boring. Recently I was able to make Calamine lotion! These are the residues from my cool little concoction. And yep you can actually use this stuff! Neat right?!
Last but not least I absolutely adore this picture.That is all

Thanks so much for reading y'all. Bear with me as I continue to figure this whole thing out. Dont forget to subscribe and follow :)