Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Love Story: The Beginning

Happy Tuesday y'all! Today I am linking up to show a little and tell a bit about how Keith and I met :)

Proverbs: 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
 God has a crazy sense of humor ya know? He will give you exactly what you ask for so be sure to be specific ;).
The day I met Keith I knew he was special. I know, I know, that sounds so cliche but really, I did! No, it wasn't love at first site but it was something.

Rewind back to July 12, 2008. Clemson University Freshman orientation. I had signed up for the very last session of the summer because a. I had an awesome job as a camp counselor that summer with some of the most amazing littles ever! and b. because the last thing I wanted to do was go to a weird place, sit in pointless sessions for two whole days and be talked to death about how college was 'hard but manageable'. So needless to say, once the day finally rolled around, I was not a happy camper. My mom was supposed to come with me but at the last minute decided it would be better for me to go on my own since she wouldn't be at college with me. Grrr! Despite the fact that you have to pay for these things and you have to pay extra if you plan on bringing a guest, my mom would not budge. She did have a point... but still! To this day, I strongly believe she and Jesus had had a talk at some point and he decided to give her a little sneak peak into what he had in store for me. 

So, there I was, riding solo up to Clemson. Once I got there, I was immediately homesick. The place was huge (there were about 3500 freshman that got accepted that year---which was actually lower than usual; and there are about 20,000 students enrolled each year), I wanted to be back home, making money, and everyone seemed like they'd already knew each other. Awesome. The Orientation Ambassadors, (which I later became one) shuffled us around from session to session and I kinda felt like I was going in slow motion. I couldn't believe I was being forced had to do this. This is stupid, I thought, I will never get anything out of it, I thought, I can not wait to get back home and withdraw my application yep, definitely withdrawing it and going to the University of South Carolina--I mean its practically in my backyard, I thought. (looking back I can kind of see God rolling on the floor laughing and shaking his head and my crazy thoughts). The last session of the first day, was inside of Tillman hall.

 Everyone was gathered outside waiting for it to start. All 250 of us. I saw this random guy kind sitting all alone on one of the steps outside and I thought well I might as well go talk to him so I can say I met at least one friend. But I am just going to say "hey" that's it. Nothing else. Then I will walk away. 
Well, I did say 'hey' and the guy looked up and I got butterflies. Yes. butterflies...He smiled and said 'hey how are you'. And we struck up a conversation that lasted the rest of the night, into the social that the ambassadors decided to put on for us. I found out he was from a tiny town and I was from a big city...that we were born during the same month of the same year only 13 days apart...and that his mom had decided that very same morning that she didn't want to attend the orientation either. Creepy. (insert God nodding his head saying be still, I got this ;)).  The social ended at about 11 pm and at the end of it we went our separate ways. That was it. I remember thinking wow, I didn't even get his phone number...oh well.

Welp, I didn't withdraw my application and began my Freshman year that August. Keith and I lived on two opposite ends of campus and only saw each other maybe 3 times out of the entire year. We'd see each other in passing and it was kind of like 2 ships passing in the night. Fast forward to sophmore year, Keith just so happened to be living in an apartment with 2 of my very, very best guy friends..and I thought what a coincidence. When we finally spoke it was kinda like picking up where we left off. We started dating that very same August and have been inseparable ever since.

Keith and I ofter talk about the 'what ifs': What if our moms did decide to come with us? What if I had followed through and transferred back home? What if God wouldn't have intervened and forced our paths to cross? Crazy. I could not imagine life without this guy. We balance each other out for sure.  He stays up late with me, and is always willing to give me a good pep talk whether I agree or don't agree {which, if I'm being honest, I rarely ever do :) } and is always understanding...especially when I am running off fumes and decide to take my tiredness out on him ;).  Since we began dating,  we have both graduated from Clemson with engineering and biology degrees, have adopted one sweet fur baby and have had so many adventures. Of course our relationship is far farrr from roses and daffodils. We definitely have our ups and downs just like the next couple but through everything I am so glad we continue to put each other second and God first.

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