Monday, February 2, 2015

Favorite Costumes from Miss Universe 2015

Last night was the Super Bowl and man what a game! We had a little get together for the game and I took zero pictures ha! But I love being able to get together with family and friends and talk about the game and commercials. I loved them all. So since I didn't take any pics from this Sunday, I thought I'd recap the Miss Universe pageant from last Sunday :)
I love pageants. I love the glitz and glam and especially the stories that come with many of the contestants. Up until my sophomore year at Clemson, I participated in several pageants and even won a few which was always pretty exciting. Last Sunday, the Miss Universe pageant came on and I was genuinely impressed by the costumes. I love the opening numbers and getting to see each woman represent her country and this year was no exception. It seemed to me that they stepped up the game for the costumes this year. Here are a few of my favorites...
Jevon King//Miss Trinidad and Tobago. 
This girl rocked this! It was so colorful and vibrant 
Photo: Johnny Louis/Getty Images
 Josefin Donat//Miss Germany
This one was probably my ultimate favorite. When she opened up the cape, and said her introduction, the balloons also starting floating away! Love.
Photo:  Larry Marano/Getty Images
 Miss Guatemala// Ana Montufar Urrutia. 

Not all of the contestants had super elaborate costumes.
Photo:  Picture: AP Photo/J Pat Carter
 Zoe Metthez How cute is Miss Switzerland (Zoe Metthez) ?! Love!

Doron Matalon//Miss Israel  
 I loved Miss Israel's dress. Super simple and elegant.

Let me just say I. admire. these. girls! Seriously. I can not imagine being in a swim suit with millions watching. Each year we watch, and each year I am envious of these girls and their seemingly perfect figures! I use the term 'perfect' loosely because it was so interesting to see what each country's definition of 'beauty' is. Some of the contestants were skinny and some weren't; some had long hair while others had short. This is one of the reasons I absolutely adore these types of pageants becuase they seem to encourage the contestants to be themselves. I love it that the organization as a whole encourages the contestants to come as they are so they can exhibit their natural beauty rather than getting caught up in all the inevitable fluff that presents itself.

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