30 before 30

30 things I hope to do before I turn the big 3-0
  1. Run a marathon
  2. Ride a plane
  3. Travel out of the country
  4. Hike a mountain
  5. Take a cross country road trip
  6. Meet someone famous
  7. Learn to cook an entire meal (without calling mom for help or burning anything) from a real-life cooking class---not from the ones on TV
  8. Host a dinner party
  9. Get Married
  10. Adopt another fur baby
  11. Buy a new car, although I love Penny!
  12. Go bungee jumping
  13. Go skydiving
  14. Swim with a dolphin (maybe 2 dolphins but not a whole family of them)
  15. Go somewhere exotic-preferably somewhere nice and warm
  16. Go on a ski trip
  17. Get done with school (let the angels sing) 
  18. Go on a mission trip
  19. Go on an African Safari
  20. Learn to speak a new language 
  21. Visit the White House 
  22. Go to the Superbowl or NBA finals
  23. Attend a Cirque Du Soleil show
  24. Attend a Broadway show
  25. Take a dance or an improv class
  26. Go horseback riding
  27. Buy a house 
  28. Learn to be a bartender--are there classes for that? 
  29. Help build a Habitat for humanity house 
  30. Figure out what the heck a 401k is and start investing in it


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