Thursday, January 22, 2015

My {Surprise} 25th Birthday!

This past weekend I turned 25 and it was one for the books! Seriously. It may have been my favorite birthdays yet! 
I wasn't sure how I'd feel on the actual day I turned 25. The expectations I had for myself up until this point were completely different from reality haha. It's sort of like the mentality of thinking being 30 is old  until you get close to it then you think...mmm yea not so much ;). This weekend came and went and it was such a blur! I am so happy I managed to snap a few pictures so I can remember everything that happened.
 Friday the sun was finally out (after an entire week of gloom) and it was actually a little warm. I got a little studying done then headed out for ice cream with my mom.
I usually get the same thing when we go out for ice cream; Usually chocolate everything but on this day I decided to get the combo called the 'birthday cake remix' and it was all sorts of delish! 

Saturday was my actual birthday and everyone was acting super weird. It wasn't until about 3:00 that afternoon that I realized that I hadn't seen my mom since about noon and that I hadn't spoken to Keith (who was coming from out of town) since about 11 am. They were practically ignoring me. I knew we'd all had dinner reservations at 5:00 that evening so I thought I'd just see everyone that night.
So what did I do to pass the time?

I took selfies...

And went to Starbucks of course
I then took a picture of my phone symbolizing the day...Me and my poor phone were besties on this particular day haha
When I finally got a chance to check in with my mom, she confirmed that we'd be meeting at Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants) at 5. Keith and I were a little late so my mom all of a sudden calls and says, she wanted to go to Yamato's, a Japanese restaurant close to Olive Garden. She said she was already there and couldn't change her seat. 
I was mad.
 I can't even lie. 
On the way I was thinking of all the bratty/snotty things I would say about looking forward to Italian cuisine for weeks and how could my mom all of sudden change her mind to something completely different.
 Once Keith and I finally got there, I turned the corner, prepared with my mouth full of these thoughts, and all of my family and friends greet me with smiles and hugs. I just about died. It takes a lot to surprise me. 
After the fact, I realized I totally should have known. My mom had been dropping hints by asking me the names and phone numbers of some of my friends hahaha. It must have been sleep deprivation from school already starting to set in, because I totally did not catch on.
The crazy part about the whole thing was that my mom and Keith had known about it for weeks. WEEKS.  And neither of them had let on. I know its a surprise, but I thought one of them would have let it slip, considering I'm around one or both of them at all times....but nope. They were both as tight lipped as ever.

I was double fisting on the deserts. (Because, why not)  The sherbert was from the restaurant and the cupcakes were some my mom decided to have baked. :)

There were so many people there and I couldn't get pictures with everyone :(. But this was one of my favs :) : My god-brother Lee, me and Keith :) I love those two so much !

I love my mama! 

On Sunday Keith and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. But not without taking a pit-stop to Starbucks of course 

That night we went to a restaurant called Michaels on the Alley. Neither of us had ever been there so we had no idea what to expect. ( I will say I was not expecting for it to be on an actual alley. Like legitimately tucked away).

It was so elegant..and super dark inside. This candle was pretty much our only light haha. 

And some of the drinks were named in tribute to one of my favorite authors! I love Ernest Hemingway :) 
25 roses for 25 years!

Thank you to everyone who sent happy birthday wished via the sweet calls, text messages, comments on social media and emails. This birthday was the perfect start to my mid/soon to be late twenties. I am so thankful to my amazing family and friends! 

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