Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chirstmas 2014

I get this is a tad backwards but I wanted to be sure to document our Christmas festivities from this past year.
If I could describe my mom's personality in one word, I'd say she'd fit right in with these fine folks...
That's right, she'd totally be a who! 

Actually, I'm sure if you look really close you could probably see her standing somewhere in this picture;) She has always made the Christmas season so magical and special for our entire family which makes me appreciate her even more.  Every year we go to a Christmas tree farm to pick out and cut down our tree this year was no exception. We went on a Sunday, and decided to stop for pancakes right after church, before going to get the tree.
This place has the BEST pancakes. Seriously. This summer when we went, I got peach pancakes, this time around I decided to try Strawberry Belgium waffles and they were as awesome as they look. 
After heading home to change and rest, we headed out to get the tree.
We have been coming to the same Christmas tree farm since I was 3 years old and it still looks the same

We walked around the farm for a long time before finally finding a tree. My mom only likes to get the red Cedar trees and they didnt have many this year  so we finally settled for this one
This was one of the smallest trees we have ever gotten. We nicknamed him 'Charlie'. Here I am cutting it down :)
Each year, my mom and I host our entire family over for Christmas dinner. I look forward to this time especially because my mom and I get to bond over one of the things we love! 

On Christmas morning, Santa came!  Yep, we still leave cookies and milk for him :)
 Cub's stocking on Christmas morning filled with goodies he must have been good this year :)

Here are a few pictures after all the madness was over.

I absolutely love Christmas and all the lights and magic and family that comes along with it.

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