Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was our first days back to school and work. I'm exhausted after such a fun weekend which is not a good sign since it's only Tuesday haha. Here's a recap of what we did. 
On Wednesday night, I went to a traditional New Year's Eve church service with my family. I love bringing in the New Year in one of my favorite places. 
Then we kicked off the weekend at a bar in downtown Charleston called Republic.
It was so gorg inside! 
My cousin Amber lives in Charleston and our cousin Brandon was visiting. I love these two so much. Life makes it super hard for us to hang out more often. booo!

On Saturday Keith and I went to grab a bite to eat at one of our favorite restaruants.
Quick selfie with the handsome birthday boy

Yummy entrees

That my friends is mac and cheese with lobster and shrimp. Talk about a surf and turf. I decided to order broccoli to balance out the 13,000 calories I'm sure were in the mac and cheese ;) 

Funny story behind this picture: While Keith was parking the car, I ran in to 'get a pager'. But in all actuality, I knew there wouldn't really be a super long wait, I just wanted to get in to tell the hostess that Keith's birthday was the next day and to ask if they could please, please be sure to bring him a cake.  The hostess could really care less. She was too focused on my last name being the same name as the street the restaurant was located on... Rivers Avenue. She wanted to know if I was related to the people who founded the road and sold the land to all the restaurants on the road etc. (insert my dumbfounded look here) before telling me that it was up to me to tell our waitress that it was Keith's birthday and that I needed them to bring him a surprise cake. #awesome. Thankfully, Keith and I both get carded every where we go so our sweet waitress, Stephanie noticed his birthday stamp on his license and brought him a little sweet surprise after all. :)
This guy

And it came with two spoons! Win win :)

That night we went to a local grille bring in Keith's actual birthday.

The handsome birthday boy.

I love him :) 

The first weekend of 2015 has come and gone and it was a blast!  This was the perfect way to bring in the New Year and celebrate celebrate one of my favorite people with some of my favorite people! 

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