Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid month Confessions

Today I am so excited to be linking up with two of my favorite bloggers to confess some of my most recent epic fails challenging moments.
I recently starting reading E's blog, and instantly fell in love. And as you may recall, I stalked read  Heather's blog for a while before starting my own :).  Both of these girls are seriously awesome so be sure to check out their lists too!
  • I spent a good 30 minutes making my coffee the other morning only to leave it on top of my car and silently ugly cry when I saw it falling down my rear windshield 
  •  I have a fatal attraction to football. Well actually all sports but especially football. And by fatal attraction I mean, 'scream at the television about penalties and touch downs' type of attraction. I may or may not have thrown several objects at the TV this past weekend. ;) 
  • I usually take vitamins every day. A regular one a day, every day and then if I need a little pick me up, or if I've had a super busy day I'll take a b12 and I don't have time to make tea but still need my brain to settle down, I'll take a melatonin vitamin...the other night I took a b12 instead of melatonin. Needless to say, it was a long night.
  •  I have mixed feelings about turning 25 on Saturday. A part of me is pumped! The other part of me is a little sad. Part of me feels like this....
but for the most part I feel like this....

I'm trying to embrace the whole 'older but wiser' thing. Who came up with that anyway?
  • I tend to have frequent, full out jam sessions in my car. Especially when I know it's going to be a long day. I love them. But its especially awkward when the person on the side walk catches you and T. Swift jamming out to 1989 at 7:30 am. #dontjudgeme
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  1. Oh girl I would have ugly cried too! I used to hate when I forgot my coffee and didn't have time to swing through Starbucks before heading into work! And jamming to T Swift?! It may be even more awkward when you do it with a baby in the backseat. ;) I've gotta check out your vitamin routine. Maybe B12 would be a good replacement for my caffeinate-through-the-day plan I've been rocking. Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Hey girl! Thanks so much for linking up today (and for the sweet words about our blogs up top). I love your confessions -- I totally would have NOT SILENTLY cried if I drove off with my coffee on the windshield and then made an immediate (and urgent) trip to Starbucks. No doubt. And, jam sessions in the car? YES. Taylor Swift gets me every time! #notevenashamed

  3. Hi, Dani!

    I'm stopping by from the link-up. I would have cried over the coffee too. :( I take vitamins every day too. I have yet to mix them up, but with mommy brain---I know it's bound to happen. ;)