Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend in Charleston and Happenings

 Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here's a little look-see into what has been happening around here lately.....

Good news: I finished up my labs! Woo hoo! Bad news, we had to throw allll of this stuff away :( Here's almost everything I was able to make including suppositories, ointments, you name it. If you can think of it, it was probably made haha.  So much fun!

 Free Coffee a couple of weeks ago had me a little excited. I love coffee. I was forced to cheat on my marriage to starbucks because I love the word 'free' even more haha
Keith and me on Easter. Love this boy so much!
This past weekend we went to Charleston for my mom's birthday.We love the city and we usually take several trips there per year. But when we actually have an occasion, such as birthdays, it makes it even more fun!  Neither my mom or Keith are big fans of selfies but lucky for me, Keith just can't say no ;)
One of the main reasons we go: the Market Place. Here, they have local vendors who usually sell things and make crafts. Here's the front:
The Gullah culture in Charleston is so rich. My mom loves these baskets. It pretty neat how they're made too; it is truly a craft, passed down from generation to generation. Considering it was 85 degrees and about 10,000 other travelers around, I didnt want to be that creepy girl with the camera haha. So I found this one online. One lady said it can take her as many as 4 months to hand weave one basket!

 One thing about Charleston, SC is it is pretty hot but people come from all over to view the sites and look in the little shops. One of the things that makes Charleston unique are these guys. There are horse drawn carriages that go around and show everyone the best shops and attractions. I usually feel so bad for the horses though. They always look so sad :( 

So as a tribute to poor Mr. Horse we stopped inside of one of the local ice cream shops on market street. They make their own waffle cones and it was smelling up the joint. I mean how can you say no to that? 
I am pretty sure this is what heaven looks like. :)
I have been hearing about this flavor of ice cream for a few months now from various people and all I could think about how disgusting sea salt and caramel would be. Ew. But then I tried it. and Oh. My. Lord! I got a big ol' scoop! Sooooo good y'all. Seriously delish!!
And just for kicks and giggles, I saw this picture on instagram and I was cracking up! This pretty much sums up my reaction to the Scandal finale too hahaha! 

This Friday is pinspired! Yay so get excited y'all. See you then!
x Dani 

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