Monday, April 14, 2014


Happy Monday!
Television (oh I love that word)  has always been my ultimate addiction (other than chocolate and coca cola). It helps me keep my sanity. Since starting pharm school I have come to appreciate my DVR even more than before (since we all know school is a funsucker ;)) ! Here are a few things I really can't live without...
I have been watching this show since I was 9 years old and I am still addicted! It usually starts mid-summer like late just/early July and lasts all the way until September.  It is seriously one of the high lights of my summer.  
Love love love Survivor! I have been watching this show since I was 11 haha! It was love at first sight ;) 
I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first. I caught it mid-season and I just did not get it and what all the hull-a-baloo was about. It just seemed like a random mess to me. But then. It came on Netflix. And I can say I am addicted to Shonda (the writer) just like the rest of America. If y'all havent seen an episode its not too late! Its still on Netflix ;) 

This is another show I was a little skeptical about at first but it too was on Netflix! I started watching it and it seriously describes my life in a nutshell haha! Meridith's first day at the hospital pretty much sums up my life as a Pharmacy student and intern. ;) 
 I danced for about 10 years so it will always have a special place in my heart. Abby Lee Miller is cray cray but in a good way. She's so passionate about her job and this show seems like a real reality show. No filter. We see the highs and the lows. I love this show. Absolutely love
This show is the perfect balance of reality and sitcom-y and I love it!
Thank you DVR and Netflix!

Thanks Andrea for this awesome idea! Be sure to check out her list here!  Have a good week!
x Dani


  1. I really need to hop on the Grey's Anatomy train but I am too afraid it will consume my entire life! I hear so much about it and so many of my friends watch but I haven't yet. My sister owns the season so maybe I can start it this summer.

  2. LOVE Big Brother!!!! Dave and I watch it ALL SUMMER! Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  3. I have never seen Big Brother or Survivor, but my younger brother LOVES Survivor...maybe I should give it a shot next season! Also, the pictures of your dog below are adorable!