Friday, May 2, 2014

Pinspiration #2 and TGIF!

First things first, Thank you Jesus its Friday! Woo hoo! 
Today I am linking up with these ladies for the May edition of Pin-spired. Let's begin shall we...
 Ok let's be honest. I really know nothing about clothes or fashion or color matching etc. and my life is a teeny tiny bit to hectic to even begin to figure it out. Fake it til you make it right? There just simply aren't enough hours in the day to figure out how to be cute and fashionable and still manage to keep my sanity haha. But thanks to pinterest, I don't have to worry about walking out of the house looking a HOT mess every single day, everything is so much easier ;) 

Look #1  
My first look was inspired by these two pins.
I love the teacup style dress Kate is rocking (while still being gorgeous and poised and stunning) And stripes. Love! 

My recreation:

This look is one of my faves. Its so simple and classic and perfect and I have worn it several times this month. 
I got this dress a couple of weeks ago from the limited and it was on sale! Yay! But now they are sold out boo! But this one is a similar option and it on sale! Yay again! 
Shoes. Mine are closed toe but here is a very similar open toe option :) 

Look #2

My Recreation 

Here in South Carolina, the weather is super bi-polar. Seriously. One day it can be 85 and sunny and the next day it looks like this  
So layering is especially important. And it comes in handy for those cold mornings and warm days.
(These are some of the best layering tanks! They are so inexpensive it's crazy. I usually go and and stock up big time.  Perfect for spring/summer)
(unfortunately I got this skirt a few years ago from NY& Co so they no longer have it :( But a simple pencil skirt like the one pictured above is fine too :) 

Look #3
My style outside of school is super casual. If I could I would walk around barefoot and in sweat pants. All day. Even to church if it were socially acceptable.  But alas that is usually not an option.
My recreation: 

Comfy Wedges instead of converse
I was able to get mine on sale and I linked the original source but these are pretty much everywhere :)

Look #4
My recreation: 
Side note: A lot of people find it hard to believe it gets cold here in S.C. It's even hard for me to believe it sometimes. So when things like this happen, the entire state shuts down. Yep. The entire state. The rumors about southern people and weather are true and its sad I know. Especially when there are folks who deal with it every single day. 
So in lieu of the bipolar weather, I decided to pair my recreation with a long sleeve top instead even though it is technically spring time.
Light Sweater. Similar Option here.

What are you're favorite looks for the spring/Summer? Please share! Have a great weekend!
Thanks Pinterest!
x Dani

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours! Love all of your outfit recreations but especially like the striped top with the orange bracelet and flats!


  2. I came to your blog by way of the Pin-spired challenge and your outfits look perfect! Reading about your Charleston trip now I will have to learn about the basket making, it looks so interesting! Nice to "meet you! Janet

  3. Missouri has bi-polar weather too! This week especially! Love that chambray shirt with pencil skirt pin! You did a great job of recreating it!

  4. Look #4 is definitely my fav! Love all your looks, and thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)