Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mema's 80th Birthday

We love birthdays in our family. This year was going to be my grandma's 80th birthday and my mom thought it would be fun to get all of our family together for a surprise birthday party! 
I'm not sure what it is with my mom and all of these surprises. It seems like just yesterday, she and Keith managed a little surprise of their own for me :)  Read more about it here
My sweet grandma just turned 80 years young!!
 Everyone gathered up at J. Peters for the surprise and celebration. And what a celebration it was. When everyone was finally there, we had a party of a bout 40 people (20 at each table) and we took up an entire side of the restaurant haha! 

Mema's side of the table was packed with balloons and flowers, It was kinda hard to see her at one point :)
One of my favorite peeps
I love this fella so much! 

Some more of my favorite peeps :)

No really. There was SO. MUCH. FOOD! We had leftovers for days and days 

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Happy birthday to the sweetest Mema I know. Thank you Mema for being such and inspiration and light to everyone who has the pleasure to meet you! We love you !!

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