Friday, November 13, 2015

5 Things I am Loving Right Now

Whew! I am going to be honest, this season is really kicking my hiney. School --which has been super crazy since August and we have finals coming up (insert mild panic here), planning a wedding and trying not to go crazy is just a tad bit hectic. ;)  I love making lists but it seems like every time I check one thing off, 3 more things pop up on there hahah.
In the mist of the busy-ness I love going to my happy place and thinking about things I love.

Often times, my mom and I joke about the craziness that has become spending $5+ dollars on a cup of coffee when you can buy an entire canister at the grocery store that will easily last you at least a month.  #thirdworldprobs
But Holy Moly this thing is good! I, just like 99.8% of the girls in American, am a Starbucks lover and this is probably my favorite drink thus far.
Last season it was the Chestnut Praline Latte

I am loving this season of Survivor. I love it that they brought back the returning players...some of which haven't been on the island for 15 years! I can still remember that first season in Australia. Yep, this obsession begin waaaaay back when ;)

Even though this season is crazy I love driving down the road with leaves hitting my car. And I like sipping my coffee and seeing the gorgeousness of fall.  

Clemson Football
This amazing place holds a special place in my heart. After all, it is where Keith and I met. I am so so proud of these guys this season! It makes my football loving heart very VERY happy! eeeek! 
Image result for clemson football
The football team may or may not have been one of my deciding factors when it came to choosing a college to go to ;). And by the way, it is absolutely GORGEOUS in the fall.

Somehow, this little guy always manages to explain the moment hahaha. We are ready for a break around here. We cannot wait to get to fellowship with friends and family over the holidays :)

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  1. Great list- I love the colors of Fall so much!