Friday, March 18, 2016


Its been business as usual around here lately. I had a short spring break that was chalked full of quizzes and exams. Yep, I had an exam to complete over spring break PLUS another one to cram study for. Ugh. Also, as much as I brag and brag about my iron clad immune system I came down with /flu/pneumonia/bronchitis/random cold thing that had me out. of. commission. One day I was walking up the steps to my apartment door and my breathing was super labored by the time I got to the top. I just knew I was going to pass out and no one would find me until morning! ahh so scary! Needless to say I am still recovering from it so unfortunately I havent really been to the gym in about 2 weeks #couchpotato #andlovinit :) But other than than, here are a few pics:

I asked my mom to get me some snacks while she was at the grocery store one day. I gave her a couple dollars and just said something sour and chewy.
This is what she came back with hahaha. Sugar overload for sure and I am positive my couple dollars didn't cover it ;)

Finally back up and running (Kinda)!!
sweater//dress//necklace// and my booties are these! They are for sure the most comfty!

This YETI is life changing. I've seen them popping up all over the place and I love it! I keeps your drinks cold or hot for hours and hours on end. Its absolutely perfect for those days at the pharmacy when I can't drink all my coffee at one time. I love it that I can leave it at 8 am and come back to it at 1 pm and it still be nice and hot.  

 Speaking of hot, the weather here has be so nice lately! We are loving it! And with the time change, it just makes it that much better. BUT, unfortunately both Cubby and I have severe allergies to the yellow stuff! Ahh. Cub still sees his allergist but as much as we love taking the 45 minutes- 1 hour drive, and the huge bill that comes along with seeing an allergy speacialist, Keith and I are trying to decrease that just a tad.  So our time outside is usually limited and we are spent the rest of the time doing this:

That little black booty is my fav ;) 
Poor fella, He loves being outside but he doesnt really understand (or care) when he starts breaking out in hives :(
Easter is right around the corner and we are so excited to celebrate our risen Savior.

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