Friday, April 29, 2016

{Almost} A Doctor Y'all!!

Yesterday was my last final exam of Pharmacy School.
Yesterday was my last walk to class.
 Yesterday was so bittersweet.

As soon as I walked out of my last final, all the thoughts and impatience and agony of being fed up went out of the window and were replaced with so many other mixed emotions. Each of which came flooding in all at one time. I needed to take a little time to collect my thoughts since this is the only life I've known. Being in school for 20+ years will have that kind of effect on a person ya know.

 I give God all the glory and all the honor since I know, I for sure would not be here without him!  

Now I will embark on the last and final stage of my journey to being a pharmacist: Nine clinical rotations.  I will have the opportunity to put my skills to the test and show what I know (and what I don't). I have my new lab coat, IPad (which I still have not figured out how to operate just yet, and my intern license all set and ready for my first round of rotations which start on Monday (!!!!) A part of me is scared out of my mind but another part of me, the biggest part is holding true to the Word that has helped get me this far, one of my favorites from Timothy 1:7: God has not given us the spirit of fear but f power, and love and a sound mind. 
To my family, thank you from the the bottom of my heart all of your prayers and support I love you all! 

P.S. Stay tuned for a more detailed post about what the last month or so has looked like. Spoiler alert: It was a doozy ;) 

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