Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Class Schedule

Although I have been in Pharmacy school for quite sometime, this semester is the first semester we have deviated from the traditional course schedule of having semester long courses. And I love it. It seems to make the semester go by a little faster.
My class schedule is as follows: 
T/Th-Pharmacy Administration
Clinical Rotation 
This semester, I am taking several 'short' courses and only three that last for the entire semester. My short courses are MTMs---medication therapy management courses, I have 5 total and they only last on average for 4 weeks then we move to the next one. In these classes, we learn about the medication groups, where they come from, their chemical structures and how/when to use them. We go through different disease states that are common in a a targeted part of the body. For those of y'all keeping score at home, that is A LOT to stuff in your brain over such a short period of time.  For example, during my respiratory MTM, we talked about things like COPD and asthma and which inhalers we use to treat it. During my renal  MTM, we talked a lot about diuretics and what sections of the kidney they target. These course are super interesting but also super intense.
I have been taking 2-4 hour labs ever since I can remember. They seriously seem to be never ending! BUT I will say I learn so much. This semester, the labs are in place to reinforce what we are learning during our MTM classes. For example, when we talk about asthma, we will go into lab the afternoon of the very same day to practice inhaler techniques.
My pharmacy administration course is actually a financial planning course. It teaches us the numbers behind the business and will be really helpful if we were to ever own a pharmacy. It also tells us the importance of a 401k and protecting our assets. Hopefully by the end of this course I will be able to check an item off of my bucket list ;)
This is the first semester we were able to pick an elective to take and I chose Spanish. It seemed to be the most logical choice since there are so many Spanish speaking patients we come in contact with on a daily basis in the pharmacy. I have Spanish on Tuesdays. Its so fun having  a little more flexibility in my schedule this semester even though I still have an 18 hour course load! One of the things I have to look forward to is my rotations. I love being able to go out and apply what I'm learning in the classroom.  BUT I am more than ready for summer!  :)

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