Thursday, April 2, 2015

Allergy sufferers Unite!

 Woo! It is finally April! Have y'all noticed I have been kind of MIA lately? Well I have been partially because of my crazy school schedule  but mostly because I have been struggling to make it through this craaazzy weather! Just as much as I kinda sorta love fall, I kinda sorta hate the Spring. Don't get me wrong, I do love the flowers blooming but I hate...absolutely hate the pollen that comes along with it! 
Ah! #getsmeeverytime. 
Also, Cubby has severe allergies too. Yes, our dog has to go to an allergist ha! :) So needless to say, we are being held hostage inside most days even with allergy meds. sigh. Luckily, it rains a good deal during the month of April here in South Carolina which definitely helps :) I hope to get back to regular updates soon.
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  1. You should try allergy shots! I was sick all winter with un-ending sinus infections, and discovered I'm allergic to basically everything. :( I'm on week 4 of my shots and already seeing a huge difference!