Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend wrap up

This past weekend, the pharmacy school put on a health fair and it was so much fun! Most of my classmates were there are various tables and there were a lot people from the community there too.
Here are a few things we did

That time I was at the Operation Diabetes table, checking someone's blood glucose levels and they decided to bleed all over the place...yep that was this day. That was freaking me out a little scary but  talk about an experience. So much fun!

Action Shot numero uno ;)
Action shot dos ;) See. You're never too old. This was too much fun!
It wasnt all work. We also rode trains ;) Yes, these are all adults but we are kiddos at heart. Love my classmates!
Evan and little miss Khloe. Love this precious little nugget and her sweet mama!
Love my sweet friends
After the health fair, Evan let my friend Randi and me keep the baby and one of the first things we asked was "what kinds of snacks to you think she'll want? " bahaha  We're amateurs we know. Look at that adorable face!  (Photo cred: Randi)
See, she gets me and she clearly knows whats important. Afternoon naps are the best, I agree with you Khloe.  Soon after we got back this is what she did. and it pretty much sums up our afternoon. Seriously this is the best baby ever!
Yep, Randi and I were kinda obsessed with this one. She is so sweet!

Today, I am also linking up with Erika and Andrea to list one of my favorite things: nail polish. love!. (sidenote: speaking of adorable babies these two have some of the cutest littles!!). I love painting my nails and love a good polish. But being in grad school you have to be cheap set your priorities even if that means starving eating ramen noodles every night {Ew} Luckily having a fresh mani isnt something I had to give up. These polishes by Sally Hansen are some of the best!

This is the color I am currently wearing. I love it because it is light and airy and perfect for spring. and the best part is that its under $10! yay!

 What are some of your favorite things? I am always looking for less expensive things to give my day/wardrobe a little bit of a splash
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Thanks for reading y'all!


  1. I'm going to check out that polish!!!! Love the color on your nails! Both my brother and sister in law are pharmacists! What a job:) Good luck to you this semester!

  2. Love that last nail color! So pretty! Blog is looking great too! ;)