Friday, March 28, 2014

Life Lately

This week looked ALOT like this...
Have I mentioned how much I love coca cola?! I use studying as an excuse to drink as many as I can and not feel guilty hehe ;). And my monogrammed camelbac is also an ultmate fave of mine. Love love love! But pharmacy school kinda has a way of hogging all of the attention from everything. sigh. The fun sucker did manage to ease up a little though. This past week I was able to make ointments! So. Much. Fun. The only thing I didnt make was the actual tube but I did have to vacuum seal it at the end. Now my little patient is all ready to go :)

As a pharmacy student/intern, we have complete x amount of intern hours. Luckily my school helps us set these up AND they are during the school year which is kinda bummy BUT it will hopefully free up our summers. This is what mine looks like....
Just kidding ;) This is more like it. The pharmacist I work for is well known around the town. I havent met a person who was a stranger to him yet and I've seen a lot of people come in and out.
This is a summary of my entire week. And it will likely sum up next week too. Yes my living room is a hot mess. Yes, its about 3 pm. And yes, I am in pajama pants. Dont judge me. 

Just Keepin it real y'all ;)
Thanks for reading :) I hope you guys had a good week!


  1. Hi! Stopping by to say hello!! Love the Clemson shirt! :)