Monday, July 25, 2016

We found Dory!

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Ok so this post has been sitting in my drafts since the 4th of July weekend (eeekkk)! But this have been so busy around here since Keith and I will be getting hitched very very soon! And we can not wait!!!! Also, my blog has been acting super wonky lately and is doing something really weird regarding the font. Hopefully this will be resolved soon (fingers crossed)  :)

Each summer, Keith and I make our way to the movies to see one of the summer's biggest hits. This past weekend, we went to see Finding Dory. I know I say this about every Pixar movie but IT. WAS. SO. CUTE! 

On the way in, I mentioned Toy Story 3 and how I really hoped this movie wasn't as sad as that one was and it was at that moment that Keith and I realized this was becoming a tradition--watching cute movies during the summer :)
I have to say that I enjoyed Finding Nemo a little more than this one though (we watched it again once we got back just for good measure) and it was a tad better. Even so, I love Ellen as Dory and I'm glad they tried to tie in the concepts previously used in the first movie.

Even in the midst of pure crazy wedding planning madness, I am so glad Keith and I can take a few moments (or hours) to just hang out with each other. I really think that's super important and something I hope we can continue to do in the future....especially when start a family and a playing zone defense most of the time between our kiddos ;). 

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