Friday, June 3, 2016

We Are Getting Married!

At the end of last summer, Keith and I went on the most amazing vacay and the most amazing thing happened: we got engaged! 
Read more about that here 

Keith and I will be tying the knot in about 4 months and wedding plans have been in full swing! We got engaged way back in August and I still feel like I am floating on that big fluffy cloud even  10 months later. 
 From the very beginning, both Keith and I made a pack. We agreed that we wanted it to be all about us. We weren't really into all the bells and whistles and everything in between because we know that it would just be us two for the next 131 years so we wanted to start off our wedding as just that. I could not wait to start planning the moment I'd been dreaming about for my entire life...what I didn't realize was how much stress it would be!
I had no idea there was a such thing as 'good stress' but planning a wedding is just that. I love it!
Luckily my mom has been in a gazillion weddings and has helped friends with a million more so she has been a HUGE help. 

In the very beginning, we tackled the big things first: location, venue, church, photographer and wedding dress

Then we moved on to the smaller things: colors and themes, figures out a budget, guest list and gift registry! 

We've also come up with a clever hashtag: #cheerstothecoleses :) 
At this point we still need to get the little things mom calls them the 'incidentals'. Ya know, this like the photo booth, gifts, (including party favors) , finalizing the guest list, seating chart and song list and Party Favors! 
The past 10 months have been so so much fun but these next few are going to go by at warp speed. Prayers are greatly appreciated!  This summer, I can not wait to finish things up, the parties (of course) and finally marrying the love of my life at the end of the summer! Eeek!!!

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  1. So excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see pictures from your big day! :)