Thursday, May 26, 2016

Show and Tell: Best Vacation Ever

Today I am linking up to share my most favorite vacays!

The first major get away for me came when I was an Orientation Ambassador at Clemson University. We went to a convention for all of the ambassador all the way in the Bayou! I'd never been 13 + hours away from home. AND we drove! ahh. But the driver was super nice and it was so much fun! Here's the thing, being an Orientation Ambassador, it is your job to let everyone know how awesomely amazing Clemson is as a student and overall. All other schools from the Southeast were at this conference too, and well, it was kind of like cheer-camp on steroids. I have never been to cheer camp, but I've seen Bring it On....that counts right?  ;) 

 I I loved going to LSU with some of the most out going people Clemson had to offer! 

Mike the Tiger was seriously my favorite part

We also went camping on the Appalachian Trail. So pretty! 

But as a disclaimer, I was born and raised in the city so nature is not really 'my thing'. 
 I'd love to say I am adventurous...except for when it comes to nature. Ugh. We 'camped' there for 4 days straight and I was about to die. Fun...but nature--ick. Ok so we weren't actually in a tent but we were in a cabin--with electricity---in the middle of nowhere so it counts right?! ;)

The summer after, Keith I went to Atlanta to see all we could see. 

This was our first vacation was a crazy long distance from home. Read more about that here!
All though it was super fun being in a car for 8 hours, we all but agreed that flying was for sure the way to go ;) 

Las summer Keith and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. and it was all sorts of amazing. 

And magical. Little did I know, a few hours after taking this picture, Keith would be down on one knee asking me to be his forever. Love this guy!  

Keith and I will be getting married in 4 short months---ahh! I can not believe it! Honestly I am looking forward to the epic vacay that will be our honeymoon BUT I love reflecting on the ones we have been on.

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