Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I. Am. Old
There, I said it.
 At least I feel like I am. Sunday was my birthday and it was very low key. I tried to make it clear way back when, to my friends and family that I really just wanted to have a birthday :). All I wanted to do was turn 26..and well, that's what I did.

For dinner, I'd decided that it would be fun to try some where new. My mom warned me before hand that she didn't really care just so long as I didn't mind 'experimenting' on my birthday. So we tried Rioz and I was not feeling it. Like, at all and we debated for a solid 20 minutes all because I couldn't make up my mind haha. There was no wait, but the whole concept I was not really digging. But I knew everyone was hungry but it just seemed weird haha. Soo we ended up going next door, to Texas Road House just because it was so close and everyone was starving.

Other than our server asking us if Keith and I were brother and sister (huh?) it was great haha. 

So much food for such a small price annd I was able to get a little birthday song and brownie at the end :) 


After dinner we came home for cake and presents.  

 Unfortunately my beloved Publix messed up the cake :( but it was still delish! It was supposed to be a whole cake haha.

Ever since I can remember, with a few exceptions, my birthday was an elaborate celebration with ALL the bells and whistles. It took me forever to realize my birthday was right after Christmas because I never, ever got slighted. (You know, I never got one gift for both Christmas and my b-day). My mom would always get all of my friends together along with their mamas and such for a huge celebration with a ton of presents and sweets at the place of my choice. It was awesome!
Even in college, my friends would always make 'a deal' out of my birthday and I love them so much for that. Then last year, my mom decided to surprise me with a celebration with all of our friends and family. 
Read more about that here
I am so so thankful for my friends and family and for the blessings that each of them are. I feel super old but super thankful too! I can not wait to see what this year has in store :) And I can't wait to check off a few more items from my bucket list!
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