Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 was EPIC

Wow. This 2015 was EPIC--I mean pure epic-ness. It was full of fun, joy, laughter, triumphs and so so many blessings.

It started out in January when my mom and Keith decided it would be fun to throw a surprise birthday get together for me at one of my favorite restaurants.  Way after the fact I found out they'd be corresponding for weeks prior to. Read more about that here.

In February, Keith and I went out to celebrate our 6th Valentine's day together. I now know that very soon after that, he asked my mom for her blessing!
Waiting for us at our table were these gorgeous flowers that Keith had delivered. Love!  

Our sweet Cubby turned 3 years old. #oldiebutgoodie

This summer was BUSY! 

We bought our first house this past summer. We prayed and prayed and looked and searched and prayed some more. After scowering the market we finally found 'the one' and knew it. It was love at first sight. We started packing early that morning and finished early afternoon. It was hard work but worth it FOR SURE.

I started 2 new jobs. One as a hostess at outback and another as an intern at another pharamacy. 
While hosting I learned a few things: 1) It takes a lot of patience to work in a restaurant 2)  You have to have a strong stomach 3) It takes a very very special type of person :) 
Read more about those here

Keith and I also went on vacay which included our first plane ride (ever) AND an engagement!!!
I am sure this sweet guy was hand crafted by God just for me and I am so so thankful to him for blessing our relationship. 

We celebrated my sweet grandma's birthday.
Love this lady so much! 

 And we went to a wedding to celebrate the unity of my god-brother Lee and his beautiful bride 
AND to top it off our Clemson Tigers are going to the ship! Ahh! I love my alma mater so much and we are so so proud of these boys

 Image result for clemson football

2015 was so full of many many blessings both good and bad. At some points, I was really unsure which way was up and on those days, I know it was only God who got me through them. I am so thankful for my family and friends both old and new. 2016 has big shoes to fill and so much to look forward too!

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