Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lee's Wedding

I love love love weddings! A couple of weekends ago, my god-brother Lee got married! The venue was in the heart of Downtown Charlotte at the Ritz Carlton and was to die for! This was the first wedding we'd been to in a while and the first wedding Keith and I have attended as an engaged couple. We all had so much fun dancing and catching up with family and friends that I wasnt able to snap that many pictures; but here are a few:

I'd say it was purely fine dining. The severs would each come around with the next course, stand behind their respected chair and place the plates all at the same time.  
And the food..So so good! There were three different options on the RSVPs and the plan was for my mom, Keith and I to each get something different so that we could try out each option. But some how, when our plate arrived, we all had the exact same thing haha!
This guy is the best wedding date/dance partner/future hubby a girl could ever ask for :)

And my mama! Love this sweet lady so so much!  

This night just made us all super excited about getting into the spirit of planning and having our very own! We danced and danced and ate and danced some more and didn't turn in until the wee hours of the morning. I love hanging out with my peeps. 

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