Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer Jobs

I have always wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and work in a restaruant as a bartender or waitress of some sort. I am not really sure why...I actually have no logical reasoning other than YOLO ;) I knew I wanted this summer to be the summer for me to check a few items off of my bucket list so I decided to get a job at Outback Steakhouse. What I did not know was that I would also get a job offer as an intern at a brand new pharmacy as well!

 I was only a hostess at Outback but man it was nothing like I thought it would be! I decided very early on that this was probably the closest that I would get to bar-tending and I was ok with that. :)  I applied way back in April to what I thought was a national database and had no expectations of being called in for an interview...let alone an actual job. But I was called in almost immediately and was interviewed and hired by the owner himself. (I blogged about that super duper awkward encounter in my confessions post here)

I am not going to lie in the beginning, I was not a fan. I mean, I hated it actually. My mom and Keith also were not big fans of the idea but it eventually grew on them. In fact each night I would tell my mom I wasn't going back, and every night she would give me the whole "you made a commitment so stick to it" lecture. But it totally grew on me too and I met some of the best people!It was so funny because everyone kept on asking my age and not one person would believe that I wasn't 19 or 20 haha. Even though I get carded all. the. time. I will admit, it was super flattering to be constantly reminded that I looked younger than I was ;)

A few of the things I did were...
Set up the waiting area

Guard the host stand ;)

Organize pagers
And sit people of course! 

During the middle of my job as a hostess, I got a job offer at another pharmacy to be apart of their intern program! It was super bittersweet to leave my previous internship. I wasn't sure about stepping out of what I knew into something so unknown. It was my first job ever right out of college. I worked there as a pharmacy techncion until I was able to get my internship license. My family and I prayed and prayed and I decided to accept the position.
I will be forever grateful to each and every one of my colleagues and co-workers that helped me along the way. The pharmacist I had the pleasure to work under became one of my favorite mentors and an even better friend. Before I left, she brought me all of her old pharmacy notes that she used through out the years. Here are just a few...

I mean, how sweet is that?!

As sad as I was to leave I super excited for a new beginning. My first day at my new internship was amazing. By trusting God and walking by faith rather than by sight, I knew right away I had made the best decision and I am so glad I did.

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