Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions-September


Hey hey hey!
After a summer long hiatus, I'm back to link up with E and Heather to share my mid-month confessions. Bare with me y'all. Some of these are from the summer but they were too awkward not to share ;)

 Birthdays and Babies


One of my pharmacy school besties was having a birthday party for her daughter and we were also throwing a diaper shower for one of the pharmacists I work with at work. So, Keith and I decided to go pick out gifts for both. First we we decided to pick out a gift for the birthday party. We  wanted something educational but not too much advanced and not too noisy. We found the perfect balance in the form of a little key pad game. 

Next up was the baby gift. We knew for sure we were going to get diapers---and we knew for sure picking out diapers would be the easiest thing ever and we knew for sure that it would not take two kid-less, mid-twenty year olds that long to pick out a pack of diapers.   We figured we'd go grab a few things we needed then pick up the diapers on the way out hence the milk. 
Everyone knows what happens to the best made plans. 
Y'all, there were SO. MANY. Who knew baby diapers were so complex. I'd heard that new baby's could easily go through several diapers per day. So size was important and I did NOT want to be responsible for diaper rash or anything of the sort.
The most logical choice was to get newborn diapers...for a newborn but most of them only went up to about 7 lbs and considering the size of most babies, we desided to go up a size. Then we had to settle on a brand. I called my mom to ask her what brand was best only for her to tell us that mamas are 'very particular' with certain things. 
30 minutes later we'd settled on a brand with the best reviews and with the most logical size. 

At one point, I thought maybe we could buy the baby some food with a good expiration date of course, because you really can't go wrong with food.

 . Meeting an Alumni 

When we took our trip to Washington, D.C. Keith and I went to a National's game. And the guy at the ticket counter just so happened to be an alumni of the University of South Carolina! What are the odds that we'd be 800 miles from home and run into an alum of our rival college. My confession is that I was waaay too excited about seeing this guy that I may or may not have squeled right then and there as soon as he told us. 
What can I say? I am nothing if not giddy :)

On that same token, earlier on in the day, Keith and I walked at approximately 10,000 miles to see each of the Washington Monuments. Ok. I am exaggerating but we walked at least 10 miles. They were each gorgeous in their own right but it was A LOT of walking. 

Later on on this very same night we got ENGAGED!! 

When Keith asked, me in all of my hysteria I guess I forgot to give him an answer! Poor fella. #oops. Because before I knew it, he was telling me it was a little cold down there and asking me if that was a yes. hahaha. It was a crazy night to say the least. Also, I am aware that I'm holding my hands in a super weird way but that's because they were super shaky and clammy hahah. Read more about it here.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Love your sweet engagement story! So excited for you guys! Have you set a date yet?!