Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DC Part I

This past weekend Keith and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. To say this trip was magical, would probably be a huge understatement. After such a busy busy summer, a huge part of the magic was in us just being able to make it happen.
This was the first flight for both of us and neither of us knew what to expect. We were completely clueless in the beginning of the trip but it didn't take long for us to figure things out :)

Our little parking pass. :) 
 We didnt really take into account the Charleston traffic and the amount of time it would take for us to walk up to the gate to board the plane and we totally almost missed our flight! #rookieproblems

Not long after we started walking up to the gate did we realize that we were in a slight little pickle. 
We had every intention of getting the airport with plenty of time to get our bags checked. After walking across the parking lot and reaching the entrance we finally found the desk to check our bags. Only to find out that it was too late to check our bags and that we only had 20 minutes until our plane took off and 10 to reach our gate! Which was clear across the other side of the airport. 
So in true sprinter fashion we sped walked our way over to the gate. Trying to play it cool and not seem like those first time flyers who were too excited to sleep and had some how let a gazillion hours slip away and were now only minutes away from having to pay for brand new plane tickets. Ya know. We were totally cool about it. 
By the time we reached security, I was almost hysterical.We only had about 3 minutes tops before the doors of the plane closed. I told the TSA man that it yes, it was our first time flying. Yes, we knew we were late because we managed our time poorly. And yes, he could take my bottle of lotion because I did not have time to go back to get my bag checked.
We made it through security--which was super intense by the way--and arrived on the plane with literally about 30 seconds to spare. 

In our seats after all the tripping and stumbling and running and fumbling ready for  our first flight! 

The clouds in Charleston were crazy! We hit A LOT of turbulence on the way out. There was also a huge dip that had me gripping my seat

But alas!We were off and we saw the most beautiful rainbow. 

Once out of South Carolina, the weather cleared up and the view was amazing! 

The little service that comes around was probably my fave. There's just something about sprinting across the airport with your bestie and your suitcase and 2 carry ons was pretty exhausting. ;)
When we landed, I managed to take a picture of the plane. It was teeny!  Maybe because it was a relatively short flight. The weather in DC hit me as soon as we stepped off. It was cloudy just like Charleston but chilly and crisp. Keith, being the hot-natured person he is was loving the cold weather. Me on the other hand, had to put on a jacket.

Once we got to the hotel, we decided to take a look around. We went to the metro station to scope out the joint since we knew this would be our major mode of transportation. 
Walking into the station, EVERYONE was in a rush. Keith and I thought we would be able to stand side by side on the escalator but quickly realized that that was a no-go. 
Once out of the hussle abd bussle we made our way to check out the little shops the metro had to offer...

There was my favorite site of all........Starbucks! There was pretty much one of these on every single corner of D.C.

We decided to take it easy that night and opted for dinner back at the hotel. 
My handsome date! I'd go anywhere with this guy ;)

The next day, it was still a little cool and slightly over-casty but we were up and at them bright and early. I had no idea how the weather would be that day so I opted for a layers.... and Starbucks hehe

To get on the metro, you had to get some type of pass. We opted for Smart Cards and decided that we'd load them if need be. It was a great value and even after 2 whole days of traveling we still had plenty of money left over. If you're planning to visit D.C. I would definitely recommend going this route.

I'm not exactly sure what I thought a metro station would look like but this one would probably fit the bill. There was little tunnel and every so often, a train/car would come by. We quickly realized that when the train opened its doors, it was time for us to move..and move fast. Those doors didn't seem to take any prisoners.

The map of the routes. This was super confusing on the first day. but eventually it got a lot better. By the time we were leaving DC we were navigating this thing like pros! 

Keith found a tour that we decided to take and I am so glad we did. It started at the Arlington National cemetery and we were able to get on and off where ever and when ever. I didn't take any pictures of the inside of the cemetery just because it felt a little strange.

Once on the tour, we saw a lot of neat sites.

A memorial to all of the Marines who gave their lives to fight for our country and our freedom since the 1700's.

Keith and I are both sports fanatics and we loved getting able to see the arena where the Wizards, Mystics and Capitals play!

Give me all the Food Trucks! These were all lined up on the outside of the arena. Any type of cusine imaginable was probably inside of one of these food trucks.

One on every corner. I promise I fell in love with D.C. a little more each and every time.

Next stop: The White House!
I loved getting able to see the White House in person! Keith and I tried to get tours for the inside but that was a no-go. Even still, I enjoyed being able to see it. What I did not love was the sketchy secret service guys. I know, they are supposed to be sketchy BUT I kept thinking something was about to happen just because of how closley they were watching everyone. I mean, I'm pretty sure these guys had people in the trees watching us. Not kidding.

The White House garden

The Capitol

For lunch we decided to stop at the Shake Shack. The food was amazing. So much so that I forgot to take a picture :)

The Willard hotel. This is where Abraham Lincoln once stayed for about $2 per night. Now, it's over $300 per night! 

Give me all the Taxi's

After a full day of exploring, we capped it off with a baseball game at National's Park. 

So. Much. Fun!

The guy at the ticket counter asked if we were students. And I told yes, but my I.D. was back in South Carolina. And he told us he actually graduated from the University of South Carolina! Ahhh! What are the odds? Even after we told him we went to Clemson, he still was nice enough to give us a student discount which made this experience even more magical :)

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  1. The Rainbow picture was amazing!! I have never been on top of a rainbow before, how cool!!!