Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Well summer is officially in full swing around here and we are eating up every minute of it--well trying too at least. We have been sleeping in late, eating plenty of ice cream and soaking up some good old fashion vitamin D!
 The weather here in SC has be HOT to say the least. We have had 6 consecutive days of 100+ degree temps with more to come. Thats hot even for us considering we usually dont start melting until mid-July. So with that being said, if anyone is reading this in the northern parts of Canada, please feel free to ship us some of your cold (express preferred) so that we can make it to Labor day. Thank you in advance :)

Today I am sharing what I am loving so far this summer:

It's no secret that we love sports around here {even though they can get a little complicated considering SC doesn't even have a pro team but still--we just go with it :) }. So needless to say we were all over the NBA finals. Ah! it was such a good series!!

I love love love reading. Last summer I shared some of my favorite reads and this summer I have been finding some pretty awesome books as well. Here are a few of them.

 Our very own Lil Peter Cotton Tail has decided to come visit for the summer! More on him later but he's so adoraable! One of the things I love especially about living at home during the summer is the location. It is right outside of Columbia
 I recently discovered Gossip Girl on Netflix! It's awesome and full of drama and I love seeing all the cast as they were getting their first starts.

This summer I also started not one but TWO new jobs! As soon as I catch my breath from each of of them I plan to share :)
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