Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Learning a new lanquage!

 I often dream about far away places. Ultimately I would love to take a year or two to go live in a bunch of new cities for about 3 months before moving to the next city. #callmecrazy I have always been interested in learning about new cultures: food, religion, language...the whole shebang. 
This past semester we were able to choose an elective so I picked Spanish (I blogged about my class schedule here) and I loved it! In some ways I kind of feel like Spanish was the language picked for me by default. I remember being in kindergarten and learning the basics. After 5th grade we were able to pick our language but I just decided to stick with Spanish since I thought it would be the most useful. Once in college, picked up Spanish once again and have taken several semesters since high school so I might be cheating a bit here ;). 
Although the Spanish language is not technically new, since I'm not fluent yet I still consider myself a learner. However, I can hold a general conversation. I have been taking it on and off but I would definitely say it is just like riding a bike--certain aspects you just do not forget...like ever.  So every time I take a new Spanish class, it feels like I am just picking up where I left off rather than starting over from scratch. One of these days I do plan to be fluent in a language other than English but we will see how that goes. The next language I would love to try my hand at is French! oui oui

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  1. I'm not fluent in Spanish either, but I took two years in college and live with a native spanish speaker (The husband) so I've never really had a chance to get rusty. When we have kids I want them to grow up speaking Spanish too, so I think that will give me the motivation I need to improve my level!