Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's on....My bucket list

I love a good list! Today I am linking up with Andrea to share what's on my bucket list ;)

  • Ride a plane 

I am almost smack dab in the middle of my twenties and I have never ever been on a plane. Shocker. When ever we'd take vacations, we would just drive... even to Disney World haha. Everyone needs 7+ hours of family bonding time right? :)
  • Travel more
School kinda complicates this just a tad. But I can't wait to take on the world ;) My ultimate dream destinations are these two places. Swoon

Paris...Double love! 
  • Which brings me to my next point: Finish School! 
This one is a huge, gigantic major kind of a biggie.  Don't get me wrong, Its not that I don't love spending hours on end studying,  however, I cant wait until the day comes when I am officially D.O.N.E! 
  • Learn to cook. 
Thankfully my mom is an awesome cook. I've just always figured why should I learn to cook when I'll always have her ;) Thankfully my sweet boyfriend is not picky and always asks for seconds every time I have tried to 'cook'  over the past 5 years. {bless his heart :)}. But as I get older I realize cooking is a valuable skill every wife/home maker needs to have, so I suppose I had better learn too...eventually :)
  • Get back to this place.
  • Dear old Clemson University.  I loove Death Valley and my alma mater! Even if you aren't from South Carolina  you'd love a good Clemson game. Go Tigers :)

  • Run a marathon!
 More on this a little later but this brings me to my last and most important point....
  • Continue to build a relationship with Jesus.
 Each morning I try to have a little quiet time with God which a lot of times is during my morning runs. Sometimes our quiet time is long, other times it may be short but it's mostly just to say "What's up God?" and a quick thank you. I love zoning out everything and having 'me time' along with talking to the Lord. After our little chats, I feel more than ready to conquer the day.

These are just a few of my short-term goals. Stay tuned for the long-term list ;)


  1. Cooking is a very practical skill to learn, that's for sure! And it is pretty surprising these days to have never been on a plane--being in the airports and on planes isn't very fun, but the going places part is fun!

  2. What a wonderful list!! Have fun checking off those items one by one!!!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  3. Love your list! So many great things you have in front of you to accomplish!