Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's October!

I love the first day of every month but I especially love October. In my opinion, it is the official begin of the holiday season. I consider Halloween a holiday and now it is only a month away! So exciting :)
I just wish the temperatures would get with the program. Here in SC its still mid 80s on a good day. Most days we are talking 90s.
This semester is in full swing. I have officially finished my first round of exams! We have actually been testing since about the second week of school but they have come in spurts. This past week, I had a little run of exams--4 exams in 5 days...hello insanity ;)
One of my favorite parts about this semester has by far been my rotation. I have had quite a few up until this point but I am in love with this one. It just so happens to be at the exact same hospital I was born in which makes it even more exciting! So far I have been able to meet so many amazing people and hear so many of there insights and perspectives. About 3 weeks ago, we were able to round with a pediatrician and his residents in the NICU. Talk about a humbling experience. Last week, I was able to round with one of the pharmacists in the geriatric unit of the hospital. This time it was huge team: the pharmacist, her interns (me and one of my class mates), a case nurse, a nurse tech, an actual nurse, two doctors and their residents. Imagine having about 10 people walk into your hospital room all at once. Ha! It was uplifting considering the majority of the patients were super happy to have so much company :)
This week is health week at the hospital. Yesterday, we were able to educate first graders from local schools about the importance of poisons. 

 There were different little stations

The bad blogger in me totally forgot to take pictures of the pharmacy section haha. I was running off very limited sleep and at this point I just wanted to make it through the day without falling over and getting a concussion ;). And once the children arrived, I didn't want to take pictures and risk accidentally getting someone's face in the mix. But it was so much fun. There were about 250 children who came with their respective schools. Each of them were so full of energy and life which was pure energizing.  ;)


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