Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Highlights from Fall Break

With Fall, comes fall break. Love fall break and all of its awesomely, wonderful goodness!
It usually comes smack dab right in the middle of the semester which is around the time I am typically running off fumes. I typically use this time to catch up on sleep, go to that dentist appointment I've been putting off for a few months, and hang out with my family without worrying about  cramming for an exam I have the next day.
Some of the highlights of this year's fall break were: 
The end of my rotation. 
I was super happy fall break finally came around but I was a little bummed about leaving this rotation in particular. I'd learned so much and met so many wonderful people. I hope to rotate through again in the future

My new rotation is at a Dialysis Clinic in one of the towns near my school :)

First PSL of the season! 
Notice the epic name fail hahah. The different variations of spelling my name have never ceased to amaze me after all these years that's for sure!  I also could not help but notice the perfect caption that's photo bombing the pic. Pumpkin spice lattes are the perfect drink and I supposed they deserve their own perfect captions. 'Charming'
My family are football fanatics to say the least. So during my break we were able to catch a football game at my sister's school where it just so happen to be homecoming.
About 10 minutes after getting there, my mom and I both agreed that we have been totally spoiled over the years by Clemson football.  I still love the sport, but I'd probably be fine waiting a while to go back to a high school game ;)

Hanging out with Cubby

About a year ago, Keith and I found some little spots that were beginning to come on Cub's belly. We didn't really thing much of it until they got worse. Eventually we found out he has severe allergies to pretty much everything.
So this past summer, we had to start taking him to an allergy specialist that could help and potentially treat his allergies. Here we are waiting on our appointment.
Our happy buddy :)
You'd never guess how many rounds of antibiotics and steroids he's been on by that face :). The people were super sweet. One of the vet techs said she'd never seen a dog as happy about being at the vet as Cubby always was haha.

So happy to be halfway done with this semester! 


  1. Glad you enjoyed a break from school for a bit!