Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favs

Today is Friday! Yaaaay! School is back in full swing and I am slowing but surely getting my act together.  Today I am linking up with some of my favorite ladies for Friday favs :)

It can be soo overwelming after such a relaxing summer to get back into the groove of things. I still don't feel like my feet have stopped moving since they hit the floor on the 25th of August. I'm convinced my life would be in shambles if it werent for my agenda and calender.  It so funny how many of us type A people don't realize how type A we are until we are separated from our calender/agenda.
This is what my desk looks like on a regular basis. Calender, notecards and colored pencils pretty much sums it up. Try not to be jealous of my calculators. Double-fisting anyone?

So sorry this upside down #oops.  This is my little handheld agenda that I take with me to class. Seriously I might have a mini heart attack if I'm ever separated from my little planners. They make life somewhat simple which is why they're my favs :)

Coffee is an absolute must for me. I've been drinking some variation of coffee (instant, decaf etc) since I was 3 years old Ha! Being in pharmacy school kind of justifies my love for coffee. I really try to limit myself and keep it in moderation. However, during finals and test weeks, anything goes.
I love my new coffee cup. It has the word 'courage' on the other side and on the side shown it has a cute little motivational saying. I have to have my liquid courage..and the saying that goes along with it. Its seriously my fav!

I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical of these little k-cups at first. They just seemed like a complete waste to me. So I'd just use the old fashion filters. Then I got a new coffee maker last year and converted to the filters shaped like k-cups. Theeen I just so happen to luck up and find a value pack of k-cups for a huge deal and I decided to put my love for the environment aside and just try them. And now...I am obsessed! I save so much time in the mornings and I can decided if I want an extra bold cup or a medium bold cup. Love love love!
And who doesn't love a cute coffee organizer?!  I made sure to stock this baby up before school started back. I also have my reserves (not pictured)  ready to go ;) 

I also started my first rotation of the year this past week. I love it because it is at the Children's hospital I was born in haha. #ohtheirony I was able to meet my preceptor and even got a little badge.
After getting my badge, I posted this picture on instagram and lots of people thought this was my first rotation ever. But nope its actually my 4th that I've done through school and my 5th including my regular internship. I love it so far though. I think it may be one of my favs!  
And my absolute FAVORITE season is upon us...Happy Fall! :) 


  1. I see my two favorites in your K-Cup tray - Donut Shop and Caribou!!

  2. Look at all those sticky notes! You're a girl after my own heart! :)
    Thanks so much for linking up!!!
    :) Andrea

  3. I don't know what I would do if I lost my planner either! Love your coffee cup! Hope you are having a great weekend!