Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tom Hoskins Memorial Triatholon

A few Saturdays ago, I was asked to volunteer at the Tom Hoskins Memorial Tri. and it was a blast! I used to work at the YMCA before I went to college as a camp counselor so I was eager to get back. Tom Hoskins was an avid triathlete who was tragically killed in 2005 so each year, our local YMCA puts on a triathlon in his honor. I had to wake up super early in order to be at the gym to set up. The worst part about the whole day: every single coffee place didnt open up until 6! #thestruggle
This is me at about 5:30 am. Bright eyed and bushy tailed :)
There is a little water park in the back of the Y. I've never seen it this calm before.

The Tri consisted of a 25 yard swim...
...a 13.1 bike run....(it was such as good turn out. This was only half the bikes out there)

....and a 5k.

 The overall finisher finished in only 57 minutes! He's supposedly something of a mini champion and trains super hard for these things.
The first 20 finishers were the super competitive athletes and it was apparent. They wouldnt talk or smile or even wave. As the race went on, the athletes got nicer, slowly but surely. 

This project was so much fun. I was able to meet so many wonderful families and athletes ranging from ages 14 to 72. There were over 200 people who raced on this day however not everyone decided to do the triathlon. There were relay teams and those who decided on the duathlon segment (where the swim was replaced with another run instead). There were also several triathlon clubs such as Still Hopes. Everyone on this team was super nice and up beat. They said they start training in February and train all the way through until the end of July. Talk about motivation. It was amazing to see people come from all over the state just to fellowship and race. Im so thankful to have been a part of it :)


  1. That's amazing that you could do something like this! I'm totally not athletic, so I probably would have needed someone to carry me over the finish line. :) All in all, I'd be better off as a cheerleader and the person who hands out the water!