Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Reading 2014

I love to read. It makes me happy. I have been reading and writing since I can remember and it has always been my passion. One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could have an outlet to write down my thoughts and document the special moments and people in my life. While at Clemson, I quickly realized I wouldn't make it if I didn't have a chance to read or write. There was one point in my college career that I seriously thought about being a teacher. I decided I would teach English, and not ever have to look at a derivative or find the inverse of anything and Keith would be the math-whizzy engineer.  Life would be grand and Keith and I would live happily ever after. But God had other plans for me. Alas, I decided to pick English as my minor and Biology as my major. The best of
both worlds :)

This summer I have been reading various novels, I usually try to read 2 per week. My ideal novel has a mixture of suspense + romance + a little mystery.

Favorite Reads/Authors:
Toni Morrison
I love novels by Toni Morrison because they make you think. At the end of each one of her novels I find myself thinking for days about whether or not she meant one thing or another. I can recall analyzing The Bluest Eye for weeks in one of my English Literature courses haha.
Anything by Ann Brashares
Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte-
Its really not as bad as most people think! I would defenently recommend reading it.
The Brave-Nicholas Evans
 This novel, as do many of his other novels, has everything. Suspense, romance, loss, you name it it has it.

The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Poems by Robert Frost

Poems Emily Dickenson
(I was not a fan of Emily Dickenson when I first began reading her poems, but then I to know here story and her poems started making so much more sense)
To Kill A Mockingbird
I have begin to notice this novel popping up on a lot of reading lists for children as young as elementary school ages. When we were forced to read this in middle school I was dreading it! My teacher said it would be a ‘deep’ novel so I had a ‘deep sadness’ going into to it and coming out of it ha! Then I read it again in high school, and it started to make a little more sense. Once I read it in college, I begin to relate to Scout and the meaning really began to drive home. This has since become one of my favorite novels to read over and over again. It is somewhat like the lesson that keeps on teaching.

What I’ve read this summer:
The Help:
This is my favorite book of all time. I read it every.single.summer. And I watch the movie every year at Christmas. I’m not sure why. There is absolutely nothing in the novel that remotely suggests Christmas time :)
The Hunger Games:
These are novels that I was kind of ‘eh’ about reading. Netflix started streaming the first movie a few months ago  and after watching I knew I wanted to get my hands on the book since they usually tell the real story. And they did.

Novels By Elin Hilderbrand
This is a new author that I had never heard of before this summer. She is a New York Times Best Seller though and an amazing writer. I would defently recommend
The Island
Silver Girl

On my list to read this summer:
The Castaways- Elin Hilderbrand
Eat Pray Love-Elizabeth Gilbert
Water for Elephants-Sara Gruen

Nineteen Minutes-Jodi Picoult
What Alice Forgot-Liane Moriarty
Life in Motion- Misty Copeland
The Antelope in the Living Room-Melanie Shamkle

There is seriously nothing better than I good book in my opinion. Even just a good read can make all the difference in a good day and a great day :)
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  1. Nineteen Minutes and Water for Elephants are two of my all-time favorite books! Let me also suggest Unbroken by Lauren Hildebrand. I'd say it's in my top 3 favorite books ever, but I'm honestly not sure what I'd put above it!

    Love your list!

  2. I loved The Help. Such an incredible story. I can't even believe it was rejected from like, 60 publishers.

  3. I love to read too! I always enjoy Elin Hilderbrand, Lorraine Moriarty, and Jodi Picoult. The Help was excellent!