Monday, June 30, 2014

Pinspiration #3

It's almost July! I can't believe it. This fact makes me kinda sad since that means its getting closer and closer to a new school year. BUT I love fall and I have been looking forward to it since Keith and I got back from Orlando last month. Is that weird? Maybe. But its sooo hot! I'm talking stay outside for 5 seconds and come back in sweaty type of hot. And it isnt even really summer yet. (Here in SC, the real summer heat comes late July early August) Yikes! I have no idea how I'm going to make it! So yes, I fall season, I am waitng for you. :) When we were in Florida, it was already 100 degrees and it was only May. When everyone we struck up a conversation with asked where we were from and we responded South Carolina, they would always respond: "Is it cold there" Ha! What?! Too funny. I guess it is considered cold if you live in somewhere like Florida where it never gets below 70 degrees.
With July being right around the corner, this means it is time for a little Pinspiration!

Look #1

Since Florida was soo hot I knew were were in for a fiery summer so I took to pinterest to help me out. 
My recreation

I realize this isnt the best picture but you get the idea. Simple and sweet :)
Shorts//Tank//Sneakers {it was virtually impossible for me to find the link to these. I've had them forever!}

Look #2
I loooove a good pair of white pants! Well I feel you need at least 2 pairs..2 pair of pants, 2 pair of capris, and  pair of shorts. Just in case. However, my mom is from the OLD SCHOOL so she does not think anyone should wear their white bottoms before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. She used to tell me this all the time when I was little and now its kind of like a little joke in between us. 
When I saw this look on pinterest I fell in love!
My recreation
All of the interns for my job had a meeting with a couple of our new bosses last week and this was perfection. Kinda patriotic, kinda summery, kinda perfect :)
Top//Bottoms (paired with simple wedges)  

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  1. You look great in both of your re-creations! I think your fab figure and great smile are your best accessories. You'd look good in anything!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  2. I love fall too, but enjoying summer not in a rush. Get back to me mid August when I will be over the whole thing! Love the polka dot shirt!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Both of your recreations are super cute! I love the white jeans with the red and white top! Such a perfect summer outfit!


  4. You look adorable!! And Orlando is one of my all time favorite places to visit!

  5. I love this post!! I am constantly pinning inspiration and I hardly ever do anything with it, but you look great!! I have family from Florida so I LOVE Orlando!! Thanks again for stopping by my blog, yours is great and I am a new follower! =]