Thursday, May 29, 2014

Orlando Part II

On day 2 we hit up Universal Studios. After having a true adventure at Islands, we were both utterly exhausted! I was sure one of my legs was going to fall off. Or at least one of my feet. Surely one of my toes.

There was a slight chance of rain but those wonderful blue skies were kinda hard to say no to.  It was also supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler, instead it was about 20 degrees hotter. It did rain though. :)
 Seeing this made me soo excited! A little pharmacy :)

Eek! This ride was amazing! Along with Marvel and Harry Potter, we love transformers!! The wait was sooo long but soo worth it. I wanted to pack this one up and bring it back to South Carolina with us. But I refrained :)

That gigantic cloud in the background is not a job even Photoshop could do. And yes, that is a 90 degree incline. I think God was trying to tell us something. Soon after I took this picture, it started to rain...and I dont mean a little tiny drizzle, we're talking a torrential down pour!! (So much for a 30% chance of rain) We got in line not once but twice and both times, the ride shut down due to the rain! 

 While it rained, we went on the Despicable Me ride It was so adorable.

This guy was a trooper! Love him to death :)

Day 3: Seaworld!
On this day there was another slight chance of rain. Surprise! But we were kinda prepared. Kinda

 First time ever seeing an Octopus!

These Beluga whales were cracking me up! I think they were showing off because they knew they were being watched! 

With the penguins! That is real ice and their little exhibit was in a sort of tunnel. It was FREEZING! Before we went in they made an announcement about the 'frigid' conditions as they were trying to make it as close to the actual penguin environment as possible. After this picture, I bolted like a maniac walked calmly for the door! 


 Sea Lions Tonite. If you're ever in Orlando at Seaworld, be sure to go see this show! It was seriously the high light of my day..potentially my month. So funny. So so funny!
I mean, when was the last time you've seen a Walrus to sit ups and balance on his belly?!

Dolphin Nursery
There were also 2 roller coasters.. both of which span the the length of the park so it was virtually impossible to get a good picture.

Roller Coaster #1 Kraken

It was still raining a little when they opened this ride back up. The ride itself was enough to send me into cardiac arrest but riding it in the rain...oh. my. lord. Definitely not an experience I will soon forget!  

Roller Coaster #2 Manta
Manta. Oh Manta. On this roller coaster, we had to lay on our STOMACHS as this thing flew across the park. I was sure I saw a bright light at some point. And I dont think it was the sun! While googling this image I just discovered it was the 2nd largest and fastest roller coaster. awesome.

After 3 full days of playing and frolicking we are tired to say the least. It was so much fun though! Here is Cubby after we picked him up from the daycare. He was so tired, he could barely keep his eyes open long enough to pant so he'd sit up to make sure he didnt miss anything haha. Love him!

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