Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hey y'all, Welcome to my new blog!
A few fun facts about me
1. My name is Danielle but everyone but my mother calls me Dani (she always says if she wanted to name me Dani she would have named me that and not Danielle. Ha!)
2. I recently started pharmacy school (hence the name)
3. I love to write. Love Love Love! but since I am in pharmacy school now, no one really cares whether or not you can recite the words to your favorite poem (Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both) or that your favorite book is The Help or that you cringe every time some one uses horrible grammar.
4. I have a fur baby named Cubby and  boyfriend named Keith
My two guys
5. I was born and raised in South Carolina so I will probably be using the word 'y'all' a lot but I HATE words like 'reckon' and 'fixin' to' yuck!
6. I plan to change the world one day in a big way so get ready :)
This blog is not meant for everyone in the entire world to read but rather as a way to document my journey and to reach out to my family near and far.


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